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A short note

June 24, 2008

Just to let people know, Coturnix at A Blog Around The Clock has agreed to help organize this carnival and generally keep an eye on things, at least for now.

I’ll remain the main contact, but if you’re creeped out by asking for information from a pseudonymous physicist, you can also ask Coturnix! 🙂


Call for posts, and for hosts!

June 14, 2008

Well, the cat’s outta the bag! While I was recovering from my sadly ironic auto accident, Greg Laden scooped us on our announcement (dang you internets bloggers; how do you find these things out?! 🙂 ). We’re now calling for entries to the first “The Giant’s Shoulders” classic science blogging event!

The first event will be hosted by Coturnix at A Blog Around The Clock, and entries will be due on the 15th of July. For the first event, tradition dictates that you can submit any relevant posts you like, new or old, even including things that appeared in the “Classic paper challenge“! Send your links to Coturnix to get things going (I’ve got some really kewl stuff to blog about).

For some guidelines on what constitutes a “classic” paper, read the ‘about’ page on this blog, and check out the “Classic paper challenge“.

On a related note, we’ll also need volunteers to host future incarnations of the event! If you’re interested in hosting in the future, let us know right here, or send an email.

Starting up “The Giant’s Shoulders”!

June 11, 2008

Welcome!  This blog will be maintained as the announcement and information center for “The Giant’s Shoulders”, a new monthly science blogging event.  Information about the event can be read here.  We intend to start things off with a call for hosts of the event and for papers for the first incarnation.

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