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15 Days until the next The Giant’s Shoulders!

July 31, 2008

This seemed like as good a time as any to remind readers that we’re 15 days out before the deadline of The Giant’s Shoulders #2, to be held at The Lay Scientist.  Entries can be submitted through, or sent directly to the host.

We’re added to Blog!

July 18, 2008

Now that I’ve almost finished my most recent NSF CAREER award submission, I took the time to register the carnival with  I’ve added all the upcoming events to the carnival page, as well as email contacts for the hosts.  As I understand the system, people will be able to make submissions directly through the blogcarnival site, which will make things easier.

I couldn’t find email contacts for a couple of the upcoming hosts, so I’ve temporarily put myself as the email contact.  I can certainly understand if people want to remain generally anonymous, in which case I can forward the entries.  I’ll be hunting down those hosts in the near future to find out how they want to do things.


The Giant’s Shoulders #1 is up!

July 16, 2008

The first edition of The Giant’s Shoulders is now up at A Blog Around The Clock. Being the first, there’s a huge number of entries to the carnival, so check it out!

The next edition will happen at The Lay Scientist, with entries due August 15th. Let’s keep it going!

Scheduling for future events has begun…

July 4, 2008

I’ve put together a schedule of future hosts of The Giant’s Shoulders, based on those who expressed interest. I arranged people basically in the order they volunteered.  The list is in the right-hand sidebar.

Remember, the first event’s due date is July 15, coming up quickly!

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