A new call for hosts!


It’s been a while since I needed to put out a call for hosts of future editions of The Giant’s Shoulders.  Actually, I don’t really need to do it yet, as I’ve had a regular stream of volunteers.

However, it would be nice to fill out the rest of the year with hosts, and I wanted to have a more recent post at which people could volunteer, so here it is!

(You’ll notice I hijacked the 1-year anniversary of the carnival for my blog; I hope I haven’t violated any internet etiquette!)


9 Responses to “A new call for hosts!”

  1. darwinsbulldog Says:

    Pick me! Pick me!

  2. Guru Says:

    Dear Skullsinthestars,

    Since I did it last September, I probably can do it again this September?


  3. greg Says:

    The new blog Quiche Moraine (http://quichemoraine.com/) would like to volunteer to host a future edition!

    We’re quite open as to when. Thanks.

    Greg, Stephanie, Mike, Ana

  4. skullsinthestars Says:

    Guru & Greg: You’re on the list! Sorry about the delay in getting it done… academic $#!+ has been overwhelming me!

  5. greg laden Says:

    Great!!!! Thanks!!!!

    … where do we keep the list.

  6. Greg Laden Says:

    Thanks, I see it. This (like one of my blogs) is one of those strange beasts where the sidebars go away when looking at an individual post.

  7. Guru Says:

    Dear SkullsintheStars,



  8. ecoli Says:

    I would like to host a round, if you’ll have me.

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