10 days until The Giant’s Shoulders #12!


Just a friendly reminder/request, as always:  there’s 10 days left until the 12th edition of The Giant’s Shoulders!

I seem to be unable to reach the originally scheduled host of the carnival for this month, so ecoli over at Thoughts from gut bacteria has graciously agreed to fill in on short notice.  Ecoli is sweetening the pot with a $15 Amazon gift card for the best submission, judging TBD!

Let’s get some good entries going!


2 Responses to “10 days until The Giant’s Shoulders #12!”

  1. Ethan Siegel Says:

    I hear you like classic science over here from one of my readers. I’m doing a 9-part special on it, and I’ve got part 1 for you right here.



  2. skullsinthestars Says:

    Ethan: Great! We’ll look forward to the next 8 parts for future carnivals! (Or this one, if you write the next ones by the 15th.)

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