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A question!

August 17, 2009

I see that I’m getting close to needing a new ‘call for hosts’ of the carnival, but before I do, I had a question about the scheduling of the carnival.

I’ve been mulling over whether it is most appropriate as a monthly or every-other-month event — the number of submissions is usually acceptable, though near the deadline it often becomes a nail-biter to get entries, and I often end up scouring the internet for ‘history of science’ posts that weren’t directly submitted.

So the question is: what are people’s thoughts on the carnival: monthly or every-other?  I’m curious whether readers feel that there’s enough content every month to justify a monthly, and from previous hosts on whether they’ve felt they had to struggle to get entries.  Let me know what you think… Personally, I’d like to keep it monthly, but I wanted to get other opinions.

(I guess I can also ask if there are people out there willing to host upcoming editions.  That’s another measure of interest.)


The Giant’s Shoulders #14 is up!

August 17, 2009

The fourteenth edition of The Giant’s Shoulders is up at The Dispersal of Darwin! It’s a little tardy, but it’s got a lot of entries, and they’re all great!    Many thanks to Michael for putting it together and hosting it!

The deadline for the next edition is September 15th, and it will be hosted at Entertaining Research.  Entries can be submitted through or directly to the host blog, as usual!

8 days until The Giant’s Shoulders #14!

August 8, 2009

Here it is: your monthly reminder that deadline for The Giant’s Shoulders is coming up, to be held at The Dispersal of Darwin!  There are 8 days left to submit before this month’s deadline.  Entries can be submitted through or directly to the host blog, as usual!

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