A question!


I see that I’m getting close to needing a new ‘call for hosts’ of the carnival, but before I do, I had a question about the scheduling of the carnival.

I’ve been mulling over whether it is most appropriate as a monthly or every-other-month event — the number of submissions is usually acceptable, though near the deadline it often becomes a nail-biter to get entries, and I often end up scouring the internet for ‘history of science’ posts that weren’t directly submitted.

So the question is: what are people’s thoughts on the carnival: monthly or every-other?  I’m curious whether readers feel that there’s enough content every month to justify a monthly, and from previous hosts on whether they’ve felt they had to struggle to get entries.  Let me know what you think… Personally, I’d like to keep it monthly, but I wanted to get other opinions.

(I guess I can also ask if there are people out there willing to host upcoming editions.  That’s another measure of interest.)


2 Responses to “A question!”

  1. darwinsbulldog Says:

    Has The Primate Diaries hosted yet?

  2. Eric Michael Johnson Says:

    I was just going to offer, thanks for thinking of me. I’m fine with monthly editions, but I’m a willing supplicant to the dictates of the majority.

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