Giants’ Shoulders #28 is Out


Jai Virdi has posted her special edition of Giants’ Shoulders ‘Visuals & Representations’ at From the Hands of Quacks and a wonderful collection of  history of science eye candy is waiting for your perusal, so put on the reading glasses and pop on over.

The 29th edition of Giants’ Shoulders will be hosted by Egil Asprem at Heterodoxology on 16th of November and is a ‘Esoteric Science’ special.

To the layman, the natural sciences have become increasingly “esoteric” in the sense of being hard to access and difficult to understand. Throughout its history, science has been esoteric in other senses as well, connected with attempts to unravel the secrets of the book of nature, the understanding of occult properties and forces, and the quest for absolute, higher knowledge. This edition of Giants’ Shoulders is dedicated to all those esoteric pursuits of knowledge; a celebration of all strange, alien, and counterintuitive methods that have been attempted to dissect, read, or tame nature’s secrets, from renaissance natural philosophy to present-day Grand Unified Theories – whether cleverly inventive, hopelessly megalomaniac, or simply misguided.

Post should be submitted by 15th of November either directly to the host or to the Giants’ shoulders Blog Carnival.


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  1. Giant’s Shoulders #28 is out, looks at visuals & representations in science « The Dispersal of Darwin Says:

    […] here here or here: Jai Virdi has posted her special edition of Giants’ Shoulders ‘Visuals & […]

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