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Giants’ Shoulders #34 update

March 17, 2011

Hi Sascha here again, that’s me relaxing after all the hard work of putting Giants’ Shoulders #33 together for your delectation. The nice Jai at From the Hands of Quacks has taken up my challenge and will be hosting Giants’ Shoulders #34 with the support of her two doggies on 16th April 2001. Submissions by 15th April either direct to the host or to Blog Carnivals.

We still need hosts for May, June, July… so come on all you bloggies prove that you’re as good as a doggie and host the best carnival in the multiverse.



History of Science through the eyes of a dog: Giants’ Shoulders #33

March 16, 2011

That’s me Sascha the canine philosopher doing some fieldwork hunting down the best history of science posts from the last month for the Giants’ Shoulders carnival. They said I had bitten off more than I could chew that a dog couldn’t host a blog carnival but they didn’t reckon with my dogged determination to bite my way through, so here we go, the carnival is open.

Dr SkySkull edit: The next edition will be back under human control — Jai Virdi at From the Hands of Quacks will host the April carnival.  Entries should be submitted by the 15th of the month to the Blog Carnival website or directly to the host blog.

6 days until the deadline for The Giant’s Shoulders #33!

March 9, 2011

This is the monthly reminder that the deadline for The Giant’s Shoulders, the monthly history of science blog carnival, is only six days away! The Giants’ Shoulders #33 will be hosted by Sascha the canine philosopher at The Renaissance Mathematicus. Submissions as usual either direct on the host c/o Thony C. or at the Blog Carnival website by 15thMarch at the latest.

As an important aside, we still desperately need more hosts for upcoming editions of the carnival!  If you’re a historian of science of just a blogger with an interest in the history of science, please consider volunteering for an upcoming month!


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