Neglected Duties: Giants’ Shoulders #42 & Giants’ Shoulders #43


I’m afraid that in the last month I have rather neglected my duties as junior co-manager, chief cook and bottle washer of The Giants’ Shoulders the monthly history of science blog carnival. This is a somewhat belated attempt to make good.

Giants’ Shoulders #42 appeared punctually and in full glory edited by Darin Hayton at the PACHS blog on 16th December 2011 and if by chance you still haven’t read it you should get on over there now and enjoy a months worth of first class history of science blogging.

Giants’ Shoulders #43 will be hosted by our own very favourite bull doggie, Michael Barton Darwin’s Bulldog, at that wonderful repository of all things Darwinian The Dispersal of Darwin on 16th January 2012. Submission as usual either direct to the host or to the blog carnival’s website by 15th January 2012.

As always Giants’ Shoulders is desperately seeking hosts for the next months so if you are seeking fame and glory this is your chance. You just need to contact either Dr SkySkull at Skulls in the Stars or myself that’s Thony C at The Renaissance Mathematicus.


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