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The Giant’s Shoulders #46 is out!

April 23, 2012

Delayed a week due to technical issues, the long-awaited 46th edition of The Giant’s Shoulders history of science blog carnival is up at Providentia!  It’s a doozy, featuring things such as:

  • How Jewish leaders reacted to Darwin’s theory of evolution,
  • An astronomer who prepared years to record an event but fainted as it was happening,
  • A medieval cookbook that shares recipes on things as exotic as unicorns,
  • Emile du Chatelet, a brilliant female mathematician, and much more!

Thanks to Romeo Vitelli for hosting an excellent carnival!

The next edition of The Giant’s Shoulders will be hosted by The Medical Heritage Library and entries are due by May 15.  Entries can be submitted directly to the host blog or through, as usual.


Giant’s Shoulders #46 delayed until Monday!

April 18, 2012

Due to some technical glitches, the 46th edition of The Giant’s Shoulders, to be hosted by Romeo Vitelli at Providentia, will be posted on Monday the 23rd of April instead of its usual time on the 16th of the month.  Anyone with any other history of science posts for the month that they want to see appear in the carnival, now’s the time to submit them!

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