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The History of Science Santa is early this year: Giants’ Shoulders #54 “A Sleigh Load of History” is up.

December 16, 2012

December’s host Michelle Ziegler, the history of science Santa, has put together a massive sleigh load of #histsci goodies at her blog Contagions in Giants’ Shoulders #54 to see you through the holiday season. So when you’ve polished off the goose and the plum pudding settle back with that box of pralines and enjoy the fruits of the best history of science bloggage from the last month. By the way Michelle is celebrating her third bloggaversary with this edition of Giants’ Shoulders so go on over and congratulate her on three years of excellent #histmed blogging.

Lisa Smith (@historybeagle) will take the history of science blog carnival into the New Year with Giants’ Shoulders #55 hosted on her The Sloane Letters Blog (that’s Sir Hans Sloane founder of the British Museum) on 16th January 2013. Always assuming that the apocalypse doesn’t take place next Friday. Submissions as always either direct to the host, or to Dr SkySkull at Skulls in the Stars or to me here at RM.


Giants’ Shoulders The Apocalypse Edition

December 14, 2012

Apparently the world is going to end on 21st December, if this is the case you have just two days to submit those posts to the last ever history of science blog carnival Giants’ Shoulder # 54. Let’s close out the world with a super carnival, submissions to the host Michelle Ziegler at her Contagions blog or to me here at RM.

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