Curiosities, Utilities and Authority – Giants’ Shoulders #55


The 55th edition of the history of science blog carnival Giants’ Shoulders, “Curiosities, Utilities and Authority”, has been posted by this month’s host Lisa Smith (@historybeagle) at The Sloanes Letters Blog. So mosey on over and read Lisa’s selection of the last month’s best history of science, history of medicine and history of technology bloggage. It’s really worth your while.

Next month’s Giants’ Shoulders #56 will be hosted by Michael Barton (@darwinsbulldog) at his The Dispersal of Darwin blog on 16 February. Submissions as usual either direct to the host or to me here at RM by 15 February.

As always Giants’ Shoulders NEEDS YOU! If you would like the honour of hosting a future edition of the universe’s numero uno history of science blog carnival then please contact me here at RM.


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