Giants’ Shoulders #56 The Giant Edition


Michael Barton (@darwinsbulldog) has posted a positively gigantic edition of Giants’ Shoulders the history of science blog carnival on his blog The Dispersal of Darwin. It contains enough good bloggage to keep you reading until the next Giants’ Shoulders appears in a month’s time.

Giants’ Shoulders #57 will be hosted by Alison Boyle (@ali_boyle) on the Science Museum Blog on 16th March. Submission should as always be made direct to the host or to me here at The Renaissance Mathematicus or to Dr SkySkull at Skull in the Stars by 15th March at the latest.

We have a host for April but after that Giants’ Shoulders will again be an orphan searching for a kindly host on a friendly blog. If you can offer the best history of science blog carnival a home for a month then please contact me here.


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