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Giants’ Shoulders #57 conquers the Science Museum

March 18, 2013

The history of science blog carnival “From blazing skies to bogus shamrock Giants’ Shoulders #57” has been posted by this month’s host Alison Boyle (@ali_boyle) on the Science Museum Blog. As the title suggest we have, as always, a wide spectrum of the best of the last months #histsci bloggage so pop on over and enjoy.

Next months history of science blog carnival Giants’ Shoulders #58 will be hosted by Mike Finn and Jen Wallis at the Asylum Science Blog on 16th April. Submissions, as always, either direct to the hosts or to me here at the Renaissance Mathematicus till the 15th April.


Just three days left for that killer #histsci post!

March 13, 2013

Some guys with purple hats in a locked room with a painted ceiling are nominating a man whose gonna wear red shoes, we’re looking for the best history of science bloggage from the last month.

You have just three days to submit your favourite #histsci posts for Giants’ Shoulders #57 the history of science blog carnival hosted by Ali Boyle (@ali_boyle) at the Science Museum Blog on 16th March 2013.

You can make your submissions either direct to the host or to me here at the Renaissance Mathematicus until the 15th March.

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