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A Bumper Crop: Giants’ Shoulders #59

May 16, 2013

After a long and, at times, bitter winter spring has finally sprung in the northern hemisphere. Everywhere plants, trees and bushes are exploding into bloom and the birds and the bees are doing their fertility dances in the sparkling sunshine.

The last month has also produced a bumper crop of history of science, technology and medicine goodies that ane pixestos has harvested for you and presented in appetising form on her Something by Virtue of Nothing blog. The Whitsuntide holiday is coming up so settle back click on a link and enjoy the best in STEM history that the Internet has to offer in the Giants’ Shoulders #59 blog carnival.

Next month Giants’ Shoulders completes five years of collecting and presenting the best of Internet STEM history bloggage for your delectation. To celebrate I shall be hosting Giants’ Shoulders #60 here at The Renaissance Mathematicus on 16 June 2013. Submission should be made to me here at RM or to @rmathematicus on Twitter by 15 June at the latest.

If you would like to help Giants’ Shoulders to continue into a sixth year of existence we need, as always, willing blog owners to act as hosts. If you would like to host a future edition of the greatest STEM history blog carnival this side of Alpha Centauri then contact me as above.


Get those submission in for Giant’s Shoulders #59!

May 13, 2013

Time flies! It seems to me that we have only just finished perusing the excellent Giant’s Shoulders #58 at Asylum Science and now there are only three days left to submit those history of science, history of technology and history of medicine post for this month’s history of science blog carnival Giant’s Shoulders #59.

Giant’s Shoulders #59 is being hosted at Something by Virtue of Nothing and submission can be made either direct to the host or to me here at the Renaissance Mathematicus.


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