Giants’ Shoulders goes to the library


The silent and insidious campaign by Giants’ Shoulders, the history of science blog carnival, to conquer the bastions of (the history of) science has scored another victory. Having, in the past, successfully breached the defences of Scientific American (twice) and the Science Museum we have now stormed the Wellcome Library.

“The Giants’ Shoulders #61: to iCHSTM and beyond” is now up at the Wellcome Library Blog and it’s a real humdinger.  Go on over and catch up on the very best of the last months history of science, medicine and technology, ideal stuff for early summer reading.

For the second half of the summer Giants’ Shoulders #62 will be hosted by Leeds University’s very own Dominic Berry (@HPSGlonk) on his A Glonk’s HPS Blog on 16th August 2013. Submissions should, as always, be made either directly to the host or to me here at the Renaissance Mathematicus by 15th August at the latest.


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