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Giants’ Shoulders #65 The Wallace Edition

November 17, 2013

Giants’ Shoulders #65 The Wallace Edition has been posted at the Renaissance Mathematicus. A cornucopia of history of science, technology and medicine goodies for your delectation.

The case of the missing GS host: – Too stupid to operate a computer.

November 12, 2013

Some of you might have noticed that I’ve been rather silent this month concerning the next edition of Giants’ Shoulders the history of science blog carnival. The explanation is quite simple I’ve managed to mislay my host.  It would appear that I inadvertently erased the file on my computer containing the information on the future hosts for GS. Naturally, although I’m usually fairly good at backing up things on my computer, I don’t have a back up for this file. Now all of this wouldn’t be so tragic if it wasn’t for the fact that the next host is a new one who I don’t know from Adam and so I have no idea how to contact him. I had been hoping that he would contact me saying something like, “Oi, wot m’ I sposed t’ do with this ‘ere carnival?” However this has unfortunately not been the case. I did try to convince Sascha to host it, he’s done one before; but he just gave me a look that said, you screwed up, you can carry the can! So I shall be hosting the next edition of GS, the 65th if you’re counting, here at RM on Saturday 16th November. This means that you have just three more days to nominate those killer history of science, medicine or technology blog posts, if you wish them to be included. Just send them to me here or on Twitter, @rmathematicus.


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