Starting up “The Giant’s Shoulders”!


Welcome!  This blog will be maintained as the announcement and information center for “The Giant’s Shoulders”, a new monthly science blogging event.  Information about the event can be read here.  We intend to start things off with a call for hosts of the event and for papers for the first incarnation.


3 Responses to “Starting up “The Giant’s Shoulders”!”

  1. megan Says:

    just a stupid technicality i just noticed (yes i WAS a copy editor for part of my grad career, we’re all nerds here, don’t hate me). Should it be Giants’ instead of Giant’s ? I’m assuming we have multiple Giants we’re looking at here (which incidentally would make a great caricature).

  2. skullsinthestars Says:

    megan: I was thinking of putting it to a vote! When I came up with the title, I was thinking of one metaphorical giant (I can only stand on one giant’s shoulders at a time), though a friend pointed out that it makes just as much sense, if not more, to refer to many giants. I can’t quite decide which I think is more appropriate, so I may just take a vote to see what people prefer!

  3. megan Says:

    ha, yeah, i wondered if it was a metaphysical giant myself, but I had to ask 😛

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