Christmas is coming and Giants’ Shoulders #42 too


The history of science blog carnival Giants’ Shoulders #42 will be hosted by Darin Hayton at the PACHSmögåsbord blog on 16th December. This means you have just fourteen days to write and submit those history of science post either direct to the host or to the blog carnival website.

The Giants’ Shoulders need hosts for 2012. Book the month of your choice now while you have chance and help to make 2012 a great year for history of science on the Internet. If you are interested contact either Dr SkySkull at Skull in the Stars or Thony C at The Renaissance Mathematicus.


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  1. New Resources » Says:

    […] the history of witches, Alfred Russell Wallace, and the prevalence of syphilis among Romans. Submissions are open for the next monthly […]

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